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Founded in 1988 by Rachid Safir in order to make the vocal chamber music, soloists XXI found the spirit of a famous forever disappeared in France at the time when the Revolution was shaves monarchical absolutism table. All developing the chamber vocal repertoire, turning to both polyphonic works of the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance and early Baroque while seeking new scores from composers worldwide, putting periods and styles perspectives.

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XXI Soloists were thus able to give contemporary music ‘s natural musicality and expressiveness which it is too often robbed . “It is necessary, however , before publicly perform , said Rachid Safir , to make a long preparation , analysis, assimilation, accaparation , anchor until singers to be monopolized the work to give it the affect. We seek as much interpretation in the creation in the ancient and romantic music. ” For Rachid Safir , it should work the voice and the whole song as if it were an instrument or training room. But unlike the instrumental ensembles , soloists XXI do not occur without a leader . Indeed, it is often necessary in other configurations is essential for vocal groups , the whole song is proving extraordinarily complex to implement . External ear is paramount , says Rachid Safir . XXI Soloists change its one work to another and depending on where they occur.

For Team Soloists XXI, it is not enough to have a beautiful voice. Polyphony, particularly in the solo voices, requires both qualities as a soloist and a sense of collective listening . ” In the 1970s , remembers Safir , I measured the importance of a directory which no never heard polyphony . In fact, it was rarely performed because it requires excellence. ” Thus , from the first .

Rachid Safir

Lanes of a passion

From childhood Rachid Safir studied Latin and classic texts in high school , which , he says, is enough to sing the great repertory works into Latin. ” Then , he says , it is not difficult to form the Christian customs. Thus I quickly realized that the old songs are beyond the religious . ” Especially as his father , a professor of modern languages ​​( French and Arabic) , was responsible for the release , as artistic director of Radio Algiers in Arabic and Kabyle language, the collection of music and orchestras Maghreb. He takes his son over his research , which led the latter to familiarize four years from the Andalusian folk music , and follow musicians on tour . Three years later, he began playing the violin and took his first concerts of the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Algiers. He attends a concert a week on the radio, those Conservatory and Musical Youth of France .

This bath of musical youth stops suddenly when , at fourteen, his parents left Algeria for France . He turns to studies that lead to the University of Lille, where he entered for the first time in an amateur choir. He studied singing , follows a particular course with Alfred Deller . Tenor and cons tenor , he sang with Charles Ravier within the Polyphonic Ensemble of Paris . In 1977 he founded with Bernard Fabre- Garrus and Régis Oudot A Sei Voci together immediately met with great success . The same year he collaborated with the Vocal Group

France , with Clemencic Consort and Studio der Musik frühen and enters the Choir of Radio France . In 1985, he turned to teaching , including teaching singing ensemble music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon.

In 1988, Rachid Safir waives singing and founded what would become the XXI Soloists . The following year, he became director of the Art Center Polyphonic Paris . As such, it sets up professional training sessions for singing teachers and choir directors . Similarly, while it creates the new entity to implement the experience gained and then always developed since .

team XXI Soloists (young soloists at the time) were counted in their ranks singers strengths that are currently on the biggest stages .

It is in 1989 that the XXI Soloists began to build their reputation in the field of creation. This activity allowed Rachid Safir and his whole forge close ties with many composers . The whole and its leader are interested in the most modern techniques of composition , distribution and processing audio in real time at the point of work , among others, with IRCAM . Are born and amount of large

pages of the late twentieth century and the beginning of

Twenty-first century , as pure vocal as Angels CD Jonathan Harvey or Miserere Hominibus Klaus Huber as musical theater and opera , as Das Theater der Wiederholungen Bernhard Lang created in 2003 in Graz (Austria ) and given the Paris Opera in April 2006 or Yvonne , Princess of Burgundy Philippe Boesmans , established in January 2009 at the Opéra Garnier ( critics Award 2009).

The Paris Opera is partnering with XXI Soloists , which give their own concert season since 2006. It is in this particular context they paid homage to the composer Iannis Xenakis , ten years after his death.

XXI Soloists gave several concerts at the Salzburg Festival since 2007. One of the only French vocal ensembles to have occurred in this prestigious event , they will then produce a Giacinto Scelsi program. They are invited back in 2009 two programs, Dallapiccola , Feldmann and Monteverdi in 2011 and in the work of Claude Vivier, ” Journal ” which registration they realized was awarded a Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros .

Today, Rachid Safir dedicated exclusively to the management of vocal groups , particularly XXI Soloists at whose head he gave twenty years many more concerts
and creations in France and European scenes.

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